There are multiple artists named Ozma: 1) American rock band. 2) Space ambient duo. 3) Drum & bass act. 4) French jazz sextet. 1) Ozma is a five-piece rock group from Pasadena, California, United States. Their sound is a mix of new wave-influenced power pop and rock with Casiotone-driven melodies and heavy guitar riffs. The complexity of Ozma's songs grew considerably during the band's initial nine-year history, and after their split in 2004 they announced their reformation in early 2006. The band was formed in September 1995 by Ryen Slegr (vocals/guitar), Daniel Brummel (vocals/bass), Jose Galvez (guitar/vocals), and Pat Edwards (drums), with the later addition of Star Wick (keyboard/flute). After assembling a collection of early demos called Songs of Inaudible Trucks and Cars, the band self-released their first proper full-length Rock and Roll Part 3 on January 1st, 2000. Characterized by distorted guitars, melodic basslines, keyboard-driven hooks, vocal harmonies, and confessional lyrics, the album won the band considerable acclaim via the Internet -- Ozma was one formative success story of online word-of-mouth via Napster and MP3.com. Ultimately, buzz surrounding the band became loud enough to reach Weezer, who would eventually take Ozma (along with The Get Up Kids) on their first arena tour in 2001. Ozma's second self-released full-length, The Doubble Donkey Disc, saw their sound branch out considerably into complex harmonies and long instrumental passages in mocking...

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